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Friday night DJ

Paul Claydon

Paul has been collecting jazz/swing music since 1995 after seeing a gypsy Paris jazz band at the Cambridge folk festival. Having started Lindy Hop in 1999, he has been avidly collecting Swing music to dance to.

Paul has been DJ since 2003 at many swing dance events including Goodnight Sweetheart, London Swing Festival, Rock Bottoms, Swing’s the Thing, Any Swing Goes, Hullzapoppin, Brighton Lindy Hop festival, Djam and `Twinwood Festival as well as Twinwood radio.


The Groove Lounge is Rug-Cutters Lindyhops’ own event every month in Cambridgeshire and people come from great distances to dance to Paul’s  selection of tunes.

Saturday After-Party

Andy AV8

Andy has been DJ-ing for over 30 years. He's a regular DJ in the Norwich swing scene and beyond, entertaining crowds with his fantastic music collection at any dance event.

Andy has also been dancing for more than 10 years, preferring Bal-Swing/Balboa but equally adept at Lindy, East coast swing and if push comes to shove a collegiate shag!


He says, "I think being able to dance certainly helps with DJ-ing, giving you musicality to pick out melodies for various dance styles." 

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