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Our line-up of top instructors 

Solo Jazz

Trisha Sewell

We are very fortunate to welcome Trisha Sewell to teach Solo Jazz in Norwich for this year’s Fine City Swing. 


​Trisha hails from Hertfordshire, UK, and has been teaching since 1997 and on the international scene since 2003. For 10 years she contributed to establishing the first European swing dance brand and the biggest of its time.


She has spearheaded the revival of Authentic Jazz within the UK, working and training  with some of the freshest dancers and teachers around. It’s been said that her teaching style is innovative, dynamic and inspiring. Always engaging and fun, Trisha loves to make people laugh and feel relaxed in her classes. At the end of her classes students are filled with energy and excitement. 

Lindy Hop

Bic & Simone

We are thrilled to welcome back Bic & Simone to Norwich for Fine City Swing 2023.


Simone met Bic on a crowded dance floor in 2008, they found a common passion for Lindy Hop and have never stopped dancing since. Their love for the dance has taken them to many places such as New York, China, Sweden, Barcelona and Bali to experience the various local scenes and the top teachers around the world. 2012 saw a succession of first place positions in competitions all over the UK and 1st and 2nd place at major french camps. 


Bic and Simone run several camps and events in the South of England such as Maytime Mess Around, Lindy Academy, Shine and SugarPush. They have built up a local scene running weekly classes and are invited to teach at various camps, workshops and festivals around the UK. They love sharing their passion for the dance and hope to encourage the Lindy Hop scene in the UK.

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Taster Workshops

Local Teachers

Barry Moody

Lindy Primer (Saturday 14:45 - 15:45 Chantry Hall)

Barry has been dancing Lindy hop for well over 17 years, in which time he has been fortunate enough to be regularly taught by some of the world’s best Lindy hoppers.  
Founder of Swingymabob lindy hop classes and events in Norwich, he has reputation for a smooth dance style and for always being one of the last off the dance floor.
He has a passion for social dance and is particularly looking forward to sharing tips and techniques that will improve the experience for all.

Ellen and Rob

Collegiate Shag (Sunday 10:30 - 11:30 Limelight Studios)
Rob and Ellen caught the collegiate shag bug 12 years ago at Twinwood; it has since spread to their extremities and they have travelled to shag festivals around the world seeking treatment from top international teachers. Selfishly, they want everyone to learn so they have more people to shag with; it is their mission to spread the love, believing when the tempo goes up there is simply no substitute.


Claire Grace

Social Foxtrot (Saturday 16:00 - 17:00 Blackfriars Hall)

Claire is the founder of Rhythm and Grace dance classes, teaching Ballroom, Charleston, Latin, Balboa and Swing, as well as co-leading Norwich’s first and only Jazz display troupe the Jenny Thomas Jammers.  

Sam Gosk

Peabody & Ragtime (Saturday 13:30 - 14:30 Chantry Hall)

Sam Gosk is a qualified Ballroom and Latin American dance teacher (IDTA) with a background in historical dance reconstruction. His research projects have spanned from the 17th to mid-20th centuries.

Hannah Colby

It's Madison Time (Sunday 12:30-13:30 Limelight Studios)

Hannah wiggled her way onto the Norwich swing scene in 2015 and she hasn't stopped shaking her thing since. She loves fast tempos, sultry blues and pretty much anything in between, but if an R&B number hits the decks, her sparkly shoes will be on the floor in a flash. Hannah has attended swing events all over the UK and Europe and loves to bring her experience back to her home city. The Madison is the perfect routine for her to teach as it's a blend of technique, musicality and utter silliness, which pretty much sums her up her dance style entirely...

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