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Simone met Bic on a crowded dance floor, found a common passion for Lindy Hop and have never stopped dancing since. Their love for the dance has taken them international, New York, China, Sweden, Barcelona and Bali, experiencing the various local scenes and the top teachers worldwide. 2012 saw a succession of 1st positions in competitions nationally and 1st and 2nd place at major French camps.

Bic and Simone run 3 weekly classes on the South Coast as well as many events worldwide. They are also invited to teach at various camps and workshops around the UK. They love sharing their passion for the dance and hope to encourage the lindy hop scene.

Master classes


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Vintage vinyl extraordinaire, DJ Tequila Mockingbird brings you the best music from the 1930's to 1960's

Spinning swing, rhythm and blues, popcorn and soul, he creates vintage atmospherics reminiscent of bygone eras.  


Playing in some of London's most exclusive restaurants and clubs, his high-end cocktail atmosphere is ideal for drinking and dancing.  


DJ Tequila Mockingbird

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Bic has fast become one of the county's most popular DJ's, having as much passion for his music as his dancing.


He prides him self on playing for his audiences and keeping the dance floor packed all night long.


Swing DJ Bic

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