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Fine City Swing is a collaborative and not-for-profit enterprise between the swing dance groups and enthusiasts of Norwich. We hosted our very first weekender back in 2017 and since then, our organisation has built in both numbers and ambitions, running monthly tea dances and frequent workshops and large-scale events. Our aim has always been to unite the varied and dynamic stylesthat feature in the Norfolk swing scene and in keeping with this collective ethos, we make a concerted effort to include and promote our local dancers, DJs and teachers wherever possible, as well as reaching further out to attract guests to our beautiful city.

Fine City Swing is run by a friendly, inclusive and forward-facing committee who are passionate about all aspects of swing dance – not just Lindy Hop, but Balboa, Shag, Charleston, Solo Jazz and Blues. We are dedicated to hosting an event which has a broad scope, an open mind and a welcoming approach, and which will be a celebration of everything that a weekender should be – companionship, laughter, learning, and above all, excellent music and dancing – and which will ensure that Fine City Swing is marked on your calendars for many years to come.


Your committee members for 2024 are:
Ellen Parkinson (Chair)
Rob Parkinson (Treasurer)
Daisy Powling (Secretary)
Hannah Colby
Claire Grace
Laura Jennings
Barry Moody
Mark Salisbury

Linda Taylor

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