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Travel & Accommodation

Norwich is easy to get to by car, train and we even have our own (small) airport! Accommodation-wise there are plenty of places to stay in the city too.


Norwich is 2 hours to London via train, and Norwich rail station is a 10 minute walk into the city centre.

Norwich has an international airport, which you can fly to via Schiphol airport in Amsterdam with KLM. The airport is a 10 minute taxi ride from the city centre. You can also fly into the London airports and then take the train to Norwich.

Saturday & Sunday advice

The city of Norwich is having its annual ‘Lord Mayor’s Weekend’ event on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July:

This is a big street party and means the city will be buzzing with people and lots of fun - this year the theme is ‘Norwich Loves You’!  All the activities and entertainments are free of charge, we hope you will enjoy visiting our city at its most colourful. However, please plan your travel, accommodation and meals with this event in mind. Carparks, eating places and accommodations may be busier than usual. Activities will include:

  • All day Saturday there is a fun fair, music and food stalls in Chapelfield Gardens, just around the corner from our venues.

  • Between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday there is a carnival parade travelling through the city centre and up Theatre Street (in front of the Assembly Rooms). The parade route and nearby roads may be closed or vehicle access restricted, and bus routes may be affected. If Theatre Street gets too busy to use the front entrance of the Assembly Rooms you can enter via the rear door, which is on Chantry Road (navigate to ‘Chantry Hall’ on Google Maps).

  • After the parade there is a party and rock concert in Chapelfield Gardens from 5pm until late evening. There are also bands playing on stages in the city centre.

  • On Sunday from 2:30pm there will be a ‘rubber duck race’ along the river (a bit further away from our venues).

Travel advice from the council:


Norwich is a small, friendly city, with lots of accommodation options, including hotels and Airbnbs.


Our venues will be in Norwich city centre this year, so if you book nearby, everything should be easy to find and reach on foot.

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